The Races


Dwarves descend from the region known as the Old Dominion. Long ago their kingdom spread across the northern lands, both above and below. Technology at the height of this culture included advanced irrigation sources, high levels of metallurgy, and the beginnings of mechanical systems using gears. Their forces began expanding across the great waters, discovering foriegn lands. And it was here that their demise began.

The discovery of elvish lands to the south, along with their civilizations wealth, led to greater expeditions south. In a short time, the two civilizations fell into war.

It would not be the elves that brought the dwarven civilization crumbling. After many seasons resources grew short on both sides. A race unknown before this time, the Orks, appeared and quickly overthrew dwarven forces. The green tide grew too quickly, and soon they hijacked ships bound for the Old Dominion.

With armies and militia spread thin, they were no match for the ever increasing horde approaching. As each city was lost, so too was the great knowledge acquired by their civilization. Dwarves became a shattered race, retreating from the bellies of stone they long knew onto the harsh faces of stone and away from orks.

Dwarves now remain in small nomadic tribes, making a living on the faces of the mountain. They trade with humans, steel for food and other necessities difficult to produce on the mountain sides. Some dwarves make a killing on scavenging old ruins for lost artifacts, risking the dwarves and traps. The only really haven of dwarven civilization now lies in the northernmost reaches within the remains of the city of Stonewall.


Like the four spirits of the wind that created the humans, this race has quickly spread to the far reaches of the northern lands. Humans are the youngest race yet seen in Eldanew, but possess a swift mind that is allowing them to quickly advance as a race.

For the most part, Humans remain largely nomadic and extremely diverse culturally. Most tribes are able in lizard husbandry and rely heavily on their mounts for hunting and travel, while what they produce and their beliefs vary geographically. The number of stable settlements is rising quickly though as man masters agriculture and develops political systems. Several warlords have grasped control of regions and seek to assert their power broader.


The Elven race is divided into two categories, according to High Elven beliefs. The high elves (read:Eladrin in 4E) are believed to be superior and blessed by the powerful spirits of the jungle. They have built a mighty empire of interconnected tribes. While not advanced in dwarven terms, their culture is extremely progressive, atop a very superstitious religous base.

Wood elves (read:Elves in 4E) are a more underdeveloped culture, a scattered set of tribes throughout the surrounding regions of the High Elf empire. They have made little advancement technologically, and are extremely nomadic.

The High Elf empire is built partially on the backs of the wood elves. This empire expanded on the domination of individual wood elf tribes, who act as an enslaved labor force.


For as long as the Great Lizards have wandered the plains, so to have the Lizardmen (read: Dragonborn). They are never seen with others of their kind, but often they serve as advisors to the powerful forces of the world. No one knows their origin, or where more of them come from, but it is apparent they can read the winds of fate, and sail where it is favorable.


A rather quiet race at the northernmost reaches of the world, Halflings are a small race that never advanced beyond a tribal structure. They roam, nomadic, in the coldest end of the earth. The great lizards are unable to survive in these cold environments and the halflings make use of other arctic creatures for assistance. They tend to avoid the other races and it is strange to see them in warm weather regions, but not unheard of as humans reach further to explore the world around them.


The Races

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