Welcome to the Hidden Agendas Campaign

The World

Hidden Agendas takes place in a world where there once existed a mighty Dwarven empire. This civilization which tried to reach the might of the gods has since fallen and little remains of their rich knowledge and prosperity. Now, civilization is slowly returning by the hands of men, elves, and dwarves; together rising up from the ashes and starting anew. The land is shaped by many creatures, birthed from spirits that have long since stepped away. Yet, the dwarves still grumble as the world continues toward an unsure horizon.

The Story

As Mankind rises, so do the machinations of politics within their culture. While many tribes are self governed, the Four Red Warlords have risen to claim control of various regions throughout the northland and believe they rule the tribes who call their realm home. The independence of these tribes is kept by the Council of Tribal Elders. The unity of tribes in times of conflict come from the meeting of these wise men, believing in the freedom of their people.

Despite the youth of this of the Human tribes, ideological differences have developed between two of the four Red Warlords: Sigmund Alhara the Just and Tyrrun Dormund the Mighty. Increasing political tensions resulted in a series of battles in what the Humans have called “The 50 Years War”. The war has since ended but its effects are just beginning.

As a result of the War the kingdom of Alhara now faces two main problems. First, a sharp divide has developed between the nobility and the commoners. Most commoners and outer tribes scrounge to survive leading to talks of upcoming uprisings while the nobility largely ignore their needs. Second, the war began when Sigmund Alhara was at the height of his power. Now he is old and his direct heir is but a young child. Therefore a regent is needed to rule in place of the prince. Now, the kingdom is split between the rule of two nobles: Irin Alhara and Rhain Alhara, bastard sons of the elder king, both of whom have served well in the 50 Years War.

Your Story

You are a group of knights under the banner of Alhara sworn to protect the crown. Both Prince Irin and Prince Rhain have utilized your skills by asking your help with protecting the royal family, fighting rouge fleets from the Dormund, and engaging in diplomatic missions to surrounding towns and villages.

Your current mission is to investigate an uprising from within the kingdom walls. Are you ready to encounter this band of traitors?

Hidden Agendas